Now is the time that all good patriots come to the aid of their country. Communists have taken control of our voting system. You have been conscripted by God to correct this abomination before drastic actions are the only solution. Standing around as a poll watcher doesn’t stop the counting of illegal , unqualified , or counterfeit ballots. Computer voting machines are being used to change the true results. You must seek out the counting centers in your district. Get a job there and count the votes yourself. If you are a poll watcher and you see something suspicious,– boxes full of mail in ballots with out signatures or signature verification for example,– call the police. Tell them to look at what you witnessed and demand they enforce the law. If communist vote counters use the police to remove poll watchers, then you immediately call the police to stop them from committing procedural fraud. Get to work on this as soon as possible. Not tomorrow or the next day, do it now. Any helpful information you can find post it below. OracleDream.com administrators will compile anything useful and create information pages. Thank You.

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