Becoming a cartoonist for OracleDream.com is easy. Send us an example of your work, if it’s good you will be added to the political cartoons section. Can you produce a monthly cartoon strip ? Fantastic ! Your strips will be placed on the funny papers pages. All cartoons must parody the left. All art must be funny or ridiculous. Any artist who’s style is inspired by MAD magazine or Gary Larson will be given priority status. OracleDream.com is a good way to publish your work without maintaining your own website. At any time you can request the removal of your art from OracleDream.com. Email an example cartoon to [cartoonist@OracleDream.com.] All submitted images must be of decent quality but not HD. It is recommended that artists obtain a copyright. Artists consent that users of the site could propagate their art on the internet. All cartoonists are volunteers.