Send an email to Attach 1 to 4 pictures of what you want to promote.  Images must be in Jpeg format / at least 900 by 400 px, no HD images. A description of your event, no more than 800 characters / 140 words can be attached or written as part of the email. Promotional advertising is free. Which event promotions that will be advertised is decided by administrators. Promotion information that is sent to, that is not advertised, will not be sold or transferred to a 3rd party. You consent that advertised promotion information, could be propagated by the site to any form of media. If your event is going to be advertised, you will be notified by your return email address.

There is one type of promotion advertising.

–1–Ads will be mixed into the home page second row events slider. The slider picture will link to a full page ad with a standardized format.  Or to the promoters website.